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Standard chimney sweep & visual inspection for most homes with in my coverage area are the following prices before tax: Please include your home address and typical availability in your email. NOTE: Before any work is conducted, I will do a visual inspection of your chimney lining to determine if it needs a sweep in the first place or worst off, if a new lining system is suggested. Would hate for you to throw good money after bad. At the end of the day, crazy schedules an all. Your safety is my priority and often talk myself out of money unless you choose to move forward anyway or ask for a stainless steel lining system that I will quote on the spot.

  • open fire boxes.
  • freestanding stoves.
  • wood stove inserts.
  • These three version are what I currently offer sweeps and visual inspections on. In some scenarios, we'd need to reschedule if beyond the capability of one man or something is unsafe for you or I. 
  • combo prices are available.
  • Please email or text your home address. I will do a Google street view and based on the information you provide such as one, two or three fireplaces. I can then offer a blind estimate.

Thank you for your interest in my services.